The garden has specimens of over 4000 species and varieties of plants kept in five sections

Section of Plant Systematics and Geography. The plants are explored and displayed in accordance with the system of Magnoliophyta division by A. L. Takhtajan. Plant families are arranged in alphabetical order. Since 2000 the section has specimens of over 900 plant species from 92 families. The section is supervised by botanical collections supervisor Žydrūnė Valainytė.

Section of Lithuanian Flora. Section of Lithuanian Flora was established in 2011. The section includes herbaceous plants from different ecosystems: swamps, wet and dry meadows, forests. Priorities: rare and protected species of plants, beneficial (medicinal and ethnobotanical) plants. The section covers 70 species of plants included in the Red Book of Lithuania. The section is supervised by the botanical collections supervisor Virginija Aleknienė.

Section of Floriculture. The section was opened in 2004. It currently has over 1200 different species and varieties of annual and perennial ornamental plants which fall under 58 families. The largest collections are those of Lilium, Hemerocalis and Iris. The section is supervised by senior supervisor of botanical collections Daiva Ūsienė.

Section of Mountain Plants. Since 2000 this section has specimens of mountain flora from Europe, Asia, and North America. There are over 1000 species and varieties of plants which fall under 70 families. The main priorities for choosing the species are: ornamental features, natural resources of the species, beneficial features of the plant. The section is supervised by junior research associate dr. Rimanta Vainorienė.

Section of Dendrology. Dendrological collection has been maintained since 1999. Currently it has over 900 taxons of woody plants. The area of the garden is not large, therefore, it mainly focuses on groundling plants. One of the largest collections is that of Ericaceae family, covering over 300 species and varieties from Rhododendron, Calluna, Kalmia, Gaultheria, Erica and 4 Vaccinium genus. The section is supervised by senior supervisor of botanical collections Vaidas Juknevičius.


Phenological Garden. Since 2005 our Botanical Garden is a member of phenological observations network in Europe. Phenological garden is intended for observation of phenological phases of plants and research on genetically identical woody plants. Supervisor: junior research associate dr. Rimanta Vainorienė.


Illustrated information on each of sections is available in (left) submenus. 

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