On February 5, participants of the Erasmus+ project "KEY COMPETENCES FOR A LIFELONG LEARNING - KECO-4-ALL" (implemented by Šiauliai Lieporių Gymnasium) from the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands visited Šiauliai University. The guests had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Šiauliai University and to learn in a different way. The project participants were able to compare the teaching methods most commonly used in Lithuania with the teaching methods of their own country and to share good practices. The aim of the participants of the international project of Lieporių Gymnasium in Šiauliai University was to raise awareness of literacy competence.


Lect. dr. Lolita Petrulionė's “Language and Culture” workshop reminded the participants that their mother tongue is the basis of their cultural identity. Working in mixed groups, the peers discussed and tried to understand the importance of language learning and cultural awareness. Lect. dr. Edita Valiulienė's lecture “Peculiarities of English Pronunciation” gave useful tips for those looking for new ways to develop their pronunciation skills. In a practical lecture "The Evolution of English," delivered by Assoc. prof. dr. Dalė Roikienė, the project participants not only developed competence in listening comprehension, but also intensively debated how and why languages change in the course of time and what are the reasons for new words to enter languages.

According to Ingrida Railienė, the teacher of English at Šiauliai Lieporių Gymnasium, practical lectures at Šiauliai University helped teachers and students to find more attractive language learning methods, to try new assessment and self-assessment tools and to share good practices.      

Information presented by the Department of Communication and Management
Pictures by Tomas Andrijauskas
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